Three Cans of Soup

Don Childers


eISBN: 9781619842380

Publication Date: 11/15/2012

When Bill and Sharon arrive in Maysville, they feel it is the answer to their dreams. Bill, the new pastor at Central Church, has finally achieved the status he desires. Sharon is thrilled about her new teaching post at the local Community College. However, upon encountering Benny, a wealthy and over-bearing church member, their hopes for a happy, new life start to crumble. A disagreement over a Christmas wreath causes tensions to mount until finally Bill commits a desperate act of vandalism inside the church. He is arrested and subsequently fired.

Over the next year their dream turns into a nightmare. Bill becomes increasingly discouraged as he searches in vain for some meaning to his life. Soon, marital problems force Sharon to spend some time away as Bill reaches his lowest point. Alone and despondent, he discovers a long-forgotten envelope containing three faded soup can labels. This discovery triggers an old memory from a time in which life had purpose and meaning; a time when a simple gift of three cans of soup changed the meaning of Christmas forever. Could this simple gift once again work its power in restoring purpose to Bill’s life? This is no ordinary Christmas story; it is a story about that which is important in life.