The Book of Sports Virtues – Youth Edition

Fritz Knapp


eISBN: 9781619840218

Publication Date: 01/24/2012

The Book of Sports Virtues Youth Edition: Finding Success Through Sports is a masterful collection of stories intended for young adults ages 10-18 about the struggles and triumphs of many celebrated athletes. Each chapter is assigned a trait or virtue and uses an athlete’s story as a lens through which the reader can gain the insight needed to achieve that trait or virtue. The chapter on devotion is the story of Pele and Cal Ripken’s story is used to exemplify and define endurance.

What emerges after reading these stories is not only a greater understanding and appreciation of the virtues that these icons needed to get through life, but also an inspiration for the reader. Each story is followed by a small quotation from literature to amplify the meaning and application of the positive virtue. This book makes for the perfect gift from parents to children or for adult mentors to their students.

Virtues covered: Faithfulness, Kindness, Fairness, Modesty, Devotion, Joyfulness, Intelligence, Respect, Fearlessness, Visionary, Loyalty, Encouragement, Toughness, and Endurance.