Pitching Strategies Explained

Dan Russell


eISBN: 9781619842342

Publication Date: 01/01/2013

Pitching Strategies Explained is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book in the world today on the mental strategies used by top collegiate and professional pitchers. It is a must-have for any player, parent or coach hoping to maximize success at any level of the game.

Pitching Strategies Explained leaves no stone unturned as it delves into every aspect of a pitcher’s strategic universe. In addition to drills, warm-ups and sample game plans, it includes a number of charts and tables demonstrating everything from pitch location to a hitter’s habits. Not only does Pitching Strategies Explained contain everything a pitcher could ever want to know about the mental side of pitching, but it is also written in an easy-to-follow manner and contains information on college scouting, recruiting and parental participation. Below are just some of the many topics the book analyzes.
– How to Get Outs
– Understand the Strike Zone
– Where to Stand on the Rubber
– Pitching Sequences
– The Necessity of Pitching Inside
– Understand a Batter’s Vision
– Pitching to Bunters
– Pitching with Men on Base
– When to Throw/Not to Throw Different Types of Pitches
– Away Early, In Late
– When in Doubt, Stay Away
– How Velocity Affects Strategy
– Work Fast and Upset the Batter’s Rhythm
– Pitching Ahead and Behind
– Recognizing the Batter’s Weakness
– The Batting Stance (how to pitch to more than 20 different batting stances)
– Pitching to the Hitter’s Weaknesses
– Know the Pitch for the Count
– Signals for a Stubborn Catcher
– Holding Runners and Pickoff Moves (includes dozens of unique tips and strategies)
– Fielding in the Pitcher’s Position
– Pitching to Converted Left-Handed Hitters
– Full Count Pitches
– Destroy the Batter’s Rhythm
– The Emotional Game