Hardcore Circuit Training for Men

James H. McHale & Chohwora Udu

ISBN: 9780972410267

eISBN: 9781936910731

Publication Date: 01/01/2010

Think circuit training is for the feeble and faint-of-heart? Think again. This book revolutionizes the way circuit training is viewed by men all over the world.  In addition to its truly hardcore workouts, this book provides links to dozens of Web sites for elaboration on its principles and examples of its techniques. Its workouts are intense, diverse, creative, and, most importantly, proven.

One of its workouts is the exact one used by the cast of 300 as it prepared for filming.

Hardcore Circuit Training for Men is a no-nonsense approach to high intensity fitness training. The exercises and circuits provided will give you the motivation you need to get super fit, and the expertise required to dramatically improve your muscular strength and aerobic fitness. In a park, a hotel room, a gym, or even the living room – there is a circuit here to suit every man’s needs.