Fitness Training Steps to Success

Michael Lipowski


eISBN: 9781936910045

Publication Date: 01/24/2012

Fitness Training Steps to Success is for anyone who ever felt they should be getting more from their efforts in and out of the gym. This book will teach you how to put together an exercise program that is truly tailor-fitted to meet your individual needs and goals. Unlike other fitness books that provide ‘canned’ workout routines, this book was designed with the individual in mind.  By reading this book you will learn how to create your perfect workout routine and how to perform each exercise properly – guaranteeing you get results.

Bonus Chapter: This book also includes a bonus chapter on aerobic exercise (cardio) and setting goals.  You will learn how to determine how much cardio is necessary, when the best time to do cardio is, and how to set realistic and inspiring goals.