Charles Stoll


eISBN: 9781619843561

Publication Date: 04/14/2014

Joshua Chambers is facing a catharsis when he learns that 14 of his friends have perished in a tragic blaze. In an attempt to make sense of his life, Joshua returns to his earliest memory, sitting in a stroller in his dad’s orthopedic shoe store being adored by a customer who teaches him about trust and love. Joshua then traces the forty significant events that created the person he is today.

Joshua travels from the purity of his grade school love, Cathy, to a more mature relationship later in life with Chris. Their discussions challenge conventional beliefs and Josh discovers that there is an authentic power in allowing one’s body, mind and spirit to find its own balance.

From his fraternity days to an African Baptism with incredible interpretations of “God,” his talks with Valentino, who is dying from AIDS, and his brief stint in jail, Joshua constantly grows and evolves. Everything leads to an inevitable triumph of the human spirit when Joshua dances in heaven as a conscious vibration.

Enigma portrays philosophy, spirituality and sexuality as they actually exist in the present day.