Pitching Mechanics Explained

Dan Russell


eISBN: 9781619842595

Publication Date: 04/10/2013

From the author of “Pitching Strategies Explained”, “Pitching Mechanics Explained” is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for coaches, parents, and players seeking to improve all aspects of a pitcher’s development. It is one of the very few books available specifically intended to help a coach or parent instruct a pitcher on how to improve his game.

Complete with dozens of drills and more than 100 photographs, “Pitching Mechanics Explained” illustrates the sequential movements the body must go through in order to deliver all types of pitches for a strike. The book describes the grips and releases for each pitch, discusses how to maximize velocity, and provides arm and shoulder exercises designed to enhance velocity and avoid injury. Also included are sample pitching practices, which can be used to improve both control and velocity at the same time.

Below are just some of the many topics the book covers:

– Coordinated Step-by-Step Approach
– Patience
– Pitching Secrets
– Establishing Muscle Memory
– The Grip
– Throwing With Rotational Forces
– Aim With the Feet
– Strengthening the Throw
– Short-Arming
– Traits of a Successful Pitcher
– The Stretch and Wind-Up Deliveries
– The Power Triangle
– The Three Pitching Stages
– Balance Points
– Practicing in Cold Weather Regions
– Righty vs. Lefty
– Building Velocity
– Advanced Techniques