Muscle Explosion

Nick Nilsson

ISBN: 9780972410298

eISBN: 9781936910748

Publication Date: 01/01/2011

If you are part of the conventional wisdom crowd, take a very deep breath… with Muscle Explosion you’re going to:
• Reduce caloric intake to well below maintenance levels and eliminate protein completely (in very specific ways for very specific purposes)
• Aim to overtrain
• Train the same body part five days in a row
• Perform the same exercise five days in a row
Muscle Explosion literally turns conventional muscle-building wisdom inside-out and upside down. By practicing the groundbreaking training and eating strategies in this book, you will SHATTER your genetic limitations by literally changing your physiology, quickly setting the stage for EXPLOSIVE increases in muscle mass and strength. Each cycle of this program lasts only 28 days and the workouts take less than an hour to complete. This book is for the intermediate to advanced trainer who is ready to DEMOLISH plateaus and achieve growth and strength increases previously thought unattainable.