Mad Scientist Muscle: Rest/Pause Training

Nick Nilsson


eISBN: 9781936910533

Publication Date: 06/01/2011

Think changing your physiology is impossible? THINK AGAIN…

With Mad Scientist Muscle: Rest/Pause Training, you’ll use science-based training techniques, like “controlled overtraining” and “structural training”, to optimize your physiology and prepare your body for muscle growth. Rest/Pause Training is a powerful training technique that pushes your muscles beyond chemical failure. You’ll do as many reps as you can with a specific weight, take a short rest, then immediately do as many reps as you can again. And best of all, every training session is designed to be completed in less than an hour!

Also included:

– Detailed nutrition section
– Supplement guide
– Low-carb dieting option
– “Lazy Cook” muscle-building recipes

This book includes the most INSANELY effective training techniques you’ll ever experience. It is packed with powerful training methods designed to build MASSIVE muscle by using a volume/intensity-driven format.